Go Green! Reuse your equipment, reduce your carbon footprint, and save costs with Firstbase

Go Green! Reuse your equipment, reduce your carbon footprint, and save costs with Firstbase
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With our new used equipment preferences, we’re giving IT administrators the flexibility and control they need to optimize their used devices. Firstbase makes it easy for you to control who gets new versus used equipment and when.

The end-user computing carbon footprint is non-trivial

With the rapid acceleration of digital businesses around the globe, the demand for end-user IT equipment and accessories has continued to grow at an exponential rate. This rapid acceleration has drastically impacted overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Despite the common belief that data center operations and cloud have the most significant environmental impact, according to a recent Gartner study, in most enterprises, carbon emissions of endpoint devices like computers and tablets accounts for nearly half of overall IT GHG emissions.

The critical role of used equipment preferences

In order to combat this growing issue, IT leaders need to have strong asset management capabilities that promote the full utilization and circularity of devices across the entire equipment life cycle. That’s why at Firstbase we’re excited to announce the release of used equipment preferences. With used equipment preferences, customers are now able to specify which type of equipment they’d like to send employees (e.g., new headphones and used laptops for onboarding) so that they can extend the lifecycle of their existing equipment to reduce carbon footprint and save costs.

Some of our early adopters have already seen the benefits of reusing their equipment with Firstbase:

“With Firstbase we can onboard with quicker notice and in a very seamless fashion, globally. We are able to click a few buttons and ensure our machines are returned, inventoried, and reused with ease. We have saved days of time each month for our IT team. The impact for international shipping and device management alone has been a lifesaver.”
Allie Winkleman, Director of Learning and Development, Thrive Global

Savings to boot

Reuse isn’t just good for your carbon footprint, it’s also good for your corporate pocketbook. Used equipment preferences allow you to extend the useful life of your end-user computing fleet and maximize your fixed IT asset investments.

Join our Fall Release webinar to learn more

Used equipment preferences are just one of the many features that we’re excited to dive into as part of our upcoming Fall Release webinar on October 25th. To learn more, sign up for our Fall Release webinar below.

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The Firstbase platform enables companies to manage the entire employee equipment lifecycle from onboarding through offboarding. Firstbase combines SaaS workflow automation and visibility including asset tracking with world-class physical operations, including supply chain, logistics and IT end user computing. Gain efficiencies, boost retention and productivity, and empower your best workforce.