Automate manual workflows such as onboarding and offboarding by connecting to the new Firstbase API

Automate manual workflows such as onboarding and offboarding by connecting to the new Firstbase API
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With the new Firstbase API, we’re helping IT and HR administrators save time by automating manual workflows such as onboarding and offboarding across their HRIS and IdP systems. Firstbase empowers you to orchestrate the entire equipment lifecycle across each step of the employee journey, without the manual hassles.

Day-to-day demands are preventing IT teams from focusing on strategic projects

The opportunity cost of spending IT time on low-value tasks like procuring and shipping equipment rather than moving the business forward is high. Just think of any transformation or new business initiative that IT drives and the impact that has had on your business, versus managing the logistics of laptops and peripherals. In fact, according to a recent Forrester report, 52% of IT leaders say day-to-day demands prevent their teams from focusing on innovative or strategic projects. Based on feedback from our customers, for every 100 employees, IT spends about 500 hours per year to handle end user computing logistics.

Why automating the entire equipment lifecycle matters

Build a modern equipment lifecycle.

When it comes to automating the entire equipment lifecycle, it’s important to be able to orchestrate this across systems such as your HRIS and/or IdP so nothing ever falls through the cracks. That’s why at Firstbase we’re excited to announce the release of our Firstbase API. With the Firstbase API, customers can save time and reduce errors by automatically creating an account and assigning an onboarding package in Firstbase. In addition, customers can recoup assets fast by automatically kicking off the offboarding and retrieval process in Firstbase when an account is deprovisioned. Customers who use Okta can leverage our pre-built Okta Workflows template to get started quickly without custom code. And this is just the beginning as we build out integrations and more functionality to our API.

Some of our early adopters have already seen the benefits of automating workflows with Firstbase:

“The process of providing a laptop as well as retrieving it is 100x better than when we did it manually. It reduced IT tickets by the hundreds per month, as we no longer need to service accessory orders via tickets.”
Senior Service Desk Analyst, Cloud Software Provider

Join our Fall Release webinar on October 25th to learn more

The Firstbase API is just one of the many features that we’re excited to dive into as part of our upcoming Fall Release webinar on October 25th. To learn more, sign up for our Fall Release webinar below.

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The Firstbase platform enables companies to manage the entire employee equipment lifecycle from onboarding through offboarding. Firstbase combines SaaS workflow automation and visibility including asset tracking with world-class physical operations, including supply chain, logistics and IT end user computing. Gain efficiencies, boost retention and productivity, and empower your best workforce.